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About the game

Unknown Worlds is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game based on space fights between 2 aggressive factions.

Those factions fight for the constant control of space area with their strong military forces to mine for precious resources.

Your part in this is to control all the military and civilian units of your chosen faction, and ensure victory in this endeavour!

Game Details and help

  • Click and drag to select units.
  • WASD or mouse to the edge of the screen to move the camera around.
  • Right click to move selected units.
  • Use minimap to quickly move the camera or selected units.
  • Use the base to build more units and workers to build structures.
  • Capture points to deplete the enemy victory points.
  • Destroy the enemy base to win annihilation.


  • Units attack automatically when in range to an enemy.
  • Ship behavior determines how the ship reacts nearby enemies.
  • 2 Unique Factions to choose from in each game.
  • 5 Different map sizes.
  • 2 Game modes (Annihilation/Control Points).

Game Requirements - Minimum

  • Ram 1GB+
  • CPU i5 M520+ or AMD 200GE+
  • GPU Intel HD Graphics 3000+
  • Storage 150MB


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Unknown Worlds Rito-Default- 61 MB

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